What are the rules of tennis and how to play it?

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Tennis is a sport that is very popular, not losing any other sports games such as football betting, golf, basketball, because no matter what competition, there will be a competition every time, whether it is a big or a small one. สมัคร UFABET

Types of tennis matches

1. single male type
2. Men’s double team type
3. single female type
4. Women’s double team type
5. Men’s and women’s mixed doubles

Score counting for tennis in each match.

1. In each competition, no matter which side can score. The score of that side will start counting in the following order: 15 30 40 games is the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th score. That can be done in that order.
2. If both contestants score the same score or tie at 40-40. Both players must play for 2 more points. It is call a due.
With both sides tied at 6-6, then the 7th game. The last game of the set, will be call a tie-break.

how to count tennis scores

1. 0 mean no score yet
2.15 means score in first round
3.30 means score in round 3
4.40 means score in round 3
5.Game means score in last round

If it happens that any side of the contestant gets the Game. Before being considered an immediate winner of that game

The rules of online tennis betting

1. If a bet is plac and the player cannot compete or forfeit the right. It will be consider void immediately.
2. Betting on the first set of tennis begins and ends. The result of the settlement will be count according to the bill placed on the bet.
3. If a match is post or cancel in the middle of the match. Bets will be considered void immediately.
4. As soon as the match is stop. Before the result is known. If the player fails to return to the match within 12 hours. The bet will be immediately cancel.