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tennis betting There are void rules similar to other sports. That is, the player is disqualified or the match is incomplete, but will serve the first ace. First Double Fault and Period Betting The
12 hour rule does not apply to tennis bets, i.e. bets will be refunded to you when a match is suspended. was postponed without resuming within 12 hours from the time of the first start Unless determined before the game is stopped. Considered that the bet still has action. Bets will stand despite a change in venue. or change the field conditions

There are 9 types of non-live tennis bets:

1. Asian Handicap There are 2 types: 1.1 Game Handicap 1.2 Set Handicap
2. First Ace (First Ace) according to the official announcement of that competition.
3. First Double Fault (First Double Fault) according to the official announcement of that competition
4. Most Aces (Most Aces) according to the official announcement of that competition.
5. The most double faults (Most Double Fault) according to the official announcement of that match.
6. Odd/Even is a bet that in that game. The sum of all matches will come out as odd or even numbers.
7. Winning Result
8. Over/Under means predicting that the sum of all matches will come out higher or lower than the specified UFABET
. time

There are 3 types of live tennis betting:

1. Asian Handicap
2. Over/Under
3. Period Betting
And this is a bet for basic tennis matches. The rules and regulations can be seen that are not much different from betting on other sports and those who love tennis can watch live broadcasts at UFABET every match. Compete for free!! Apply for a new member and receive a bonus of 150% of the first deposit. Deposit-withdraw cash through an automated system that takes no more than 5 minutes to perform various operations. There is also no limit on the number of times/month.
Those who are members with UFABET will receive many other privileges such as returning the loss of 5% every month up to 50,000 baht to everyone for free. Bets on every wrong step receive 30 times credit back on the total bet amount up to 20,000 baht every day. 10% additional commission up to 200,000 baht when playing online casinos Credits will be adjusted no later than the 5th day of the following month. You can contact the team through four channels: Email, line, Live chat and Call center 24 hours a day, including contacting inquiries. report a problem